Logisseo is a human adventure that supports its employees, customers and suppliers in their personal, social, sustainable and economic development, while meeting environmental challenges.

Logisseo, an SME committed to CSR

At Logisseo, we are sincerely committed to developing a viable and sustainable CSR strategy. Indeed, it's important that we address societal, social and environmental issues to reduce the negative impact they can have, especially as a logistics provider. We also believe that this must be integrated into a sustainable business model, and are determined to find the right balance to bring all these aspects together.

We recognize our role as akey player in improving social well-being, protecting the environment and creating sustainable economic value. That's why we implement a wide range of actions, touching on the different themes of CSR, to increase our positive impact on our stakeholders, and more generally, we hope, on society.

This includes reducing our carbon footprint, improving working conditions for our employees and promoting ethical practices throughout our supply chain.

External team meeting at Logisseo

To achieve our objectives, we have drawn up a detailed action plan. This plan includes initiatives associated with the core issues ofISO 26000 and the criteria of the AFNOR's Engagé RSE label label (obtained by Logisseo, level 2, in May 2023).

Since the creation of Logisseo, a number of initiatives have been implemented. These are just a few examples:

  • Introduction of a profit-sharing bonus of 10% of profits
  • Organization of QWL and health awareness and action days
  • Hiring disabled people and working on secondment in partnership with an ESAT
  • Regular hosting of trainees to discover the logistics profession
  • Study and continuous improvement of workstations for greater ergonomics and fewer musculoskeletal disorders. 
  • Team muscular awakening 
  • Annual carbon assessment
  • Calculation of the carbon footprint of each customer's logistics activity
  • Partnerships with bicycle and electric vehicle delivery companies
  • Reuse of transparent plastic, packing and cardboard
  • Recovery of materials initially destined to be thrown away by local companies for re-use in order preparation
  • No more paper delivery notes
  • Purchase and repair reconditioned IT and production equipment wherever possible
  • Working in partnership with as many local suppliers as possible 
  • Presence at events in the Anjou region 
  • Sponsorship of local associations
  • Membership ofADECC and participation in itscircular economy challenges
  • Presentations in high schools on CSR and/or logistics professions

Our internal stakeholders :

Our internal stakeholders (employees, CSE) are essential partners in achieving these CSR objectives. Our commitment to the well-being and professional development of our employees is anchored in our approach. We plan to actively involve our employees in the CSR decision-making process, encouraging participation in dedicated committees and facilitating open communication. Training programs on CSR principles will be set up to raise awareness and empower our employees.

Otherwise, we encourage various forms of communication, both formal and informal, in order to open up and improve both social and environmental practices, in line with employee expectations. With this in mind, we conduct an employee survey every 2 years.

Our customers :

Collaboration with our customers is crucial to ensure that our values are aligned with their satisfaction. We try to involve them as much as possible in our actions, by sending out communications on new projects that may impact them, by offering them the opportunity to participate, or by gathering their feedback through a customer survey, also carried out every 2 years. It is also important for us toadopt ethical and sustainable business practices in order to maintain healthy relationships with our customers.

We also try to challenge them in their environmental impact by advising them on more sustainable practices and encouraging them to take part in our consumables tests, for example.

Our suppliers :

Selecting responsible suppliers is one of Logisseo's flagship projects. Whether we're talking about suppliers of consumables or PPE, for example, it's important for us to select local companies that are ideally committed to CSR. In 2024, rigorous selection criteria will be implemented through a responsible purchasing charter, favoring suppliers who share our values. Regular audits of the supply chain will be carried out to ensure compliance with this charter.

Local communities :

We are committed to working closely with the communities we serve. We already work with local companies to pool our resources, and are present in various local networks (such as ADECC).

Logisseo, the first and only SME in the logistics sector to receive the Engagé RSE label

Actively engaged in a CSR labeling process, in May 2023 we obtained the Engagé RSE label from Afnor, level 2! And that's just the beginning... this certification will enable us to prioritize our actions in the hope of becoming an "employer of choice" in the region by 2025, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Would you like to download our CSR report? Contact us here and we'll send it to you!