Our e-commerce logistics platform

Are you a retailer or e-merchant looking for a logistics provider? Logisseo is THE solution for you: a secure, high-performance logistics platform offering solutions tailored to your business and your products!

We take care of all your flows, from goods receipt to order delivery.

At Logisseo, our team of professionals is at your side to help you develop your business. Professionalism, responsiveness and trust are our watchwords! With us, your products will be delivered efficiently, whether standard or express, nationally or internationally: with Logisseo, you're in good hands!

Receiving VOs goods

Receiving your goods is the first step in the supply chain. Our logisticians carry out a number of conformity checks before integrating products into stock.


Once received and identified, your goods are stored in a dedicated area of our warehouse.
Thanks to our high-performance IT tools, you can monitor your stock in real time.

Preparing your orders

To prepare each order, Logisseo's logistics teams collect the products and carefully place them in the appropriate packaging.

Shipping and delivery

Once the parcels or pallets have been prepared, Logisseo takes care of delivery, in France and worldwide, thanks to a high-performance network of carriers.

RETURNS management

Your returns are handled promptly by our in-house after-sales service, and form an integral part of our logistics services.