The other traders

Logisseo manages all your goods flows, from the reception of your products up to their delivery to the end customer, company or private individual, whatever geographical location. We also take charge of all aspects related to customer returns, which are an important element of the act of purchase, and can contribute to the loyalty of your customers. Our logistics services are intended for e-traders, but also for other traders (distance selling, retail trade at points of sale).

The companies which trust Logisseo are retailers established around Angers, as well as all over France, and indeed elsewhere, mainly in B to B:

  • Travel products and luggage
  • Cushions
  • Padlocks, etc.
  • Decorative objects and lamps for children’s bedrooms,

Essential for a small company like ours, Logisseo’s team is available, responsive and dynamic! It’s a human-scale logistics platform listening to customers and to their changing demands. They have quickly become our “right-hand persons”, allowing us to develop our company with confidence. Thank you!!


  • Air-conditioning accessories and tool
  • Doll clothes
  • Speakers and hi-fi equipment
  • Cider and wine (Logisseo is an authorised customs agent allowed to manage your alcohols)

For already more than two years, Logisseo has been our business associate for the storage of our products and their delivery across France. Working with Logisseo is easy and they are very accessible and professional. We are more than satisfied with the performance of the services required. We therefore recommend you Logisseo for all matters related to the logistics of your products and your e-commerce.” Lucie