Storage of goods

The storage services of your goods are an essential component of the supply chain: that is why Logisseo implements solutions for the storage of goods perfectly suited to your requirements, as well as to the types of products you entrust us with.

Once received and identified, your goods are stored in an area of our warehouse that is dedicated to you. The bulky products are placed on pallets and the smaller ones are stored on shelves or in lockers. In any case we ensure the streamlining of storage of your goods in order to allow easy access subsequently, namely at the time of preparing the orders and packaging the products.



Each location is identified, thus allowing the precise monitoring of your stocks in real time.

You want to carry out an inventory of your goods? Logisseo provides you with the necessary computer tools, as well as the support of one of our logisticians, to assist you in this task. With the information processing in real time, you can access your stock of goods and check its level, and you can also follow up on the status of your current orders at any time.


  • Our whole storage site is secured and monitored by a security guard 24 hours a day. You can thus safely entrust us with the management of your stocks.
  • We store the goods according to their specific characteristics and your criteria: our personalised solutions for storage guarantee the effectiveness of your logistics flows.