Delivery of packages/pallets

For Logisseo, each stage of the supply chain is crucial: that of the delivery of packages/pallets to the final customer is no exception to this principle. The products must be delivered on time, and reach the recipient in perfect condition. They must also correspond to what the customer ordered on your site or in your shop. Logisseo complies with all your general terms and conditions of sale, whether they are the delivery deadlines and delivery terms defined on your e-commerce site or by your company:

  • Directly to the customer’s location: to his/her home if the customer is a private individual or to the company site if the customer is a professional.
  • To a Pick-up & go location, within a more or less important time-slot, against signature, etc.
  • To carry out these deliveries under the best possible conditions, Logisseo follows them up by using high-performance and reliable computer tools. Logisseo is contractually bound to ship on the same day any orders received before 10 a.m. Our responsiveness and availability are a great asset for your logistics and your commercial offer: the lower cost and timely delivery of your goods is determinant for the satisfaction of your customers, and contributes significantly to their loyalty.