Logistics in Pays de la Loire

Logistics is an essential activity regarding the perenniality and development of economy, especially for the industry and business sectors. According to the INSEE (the French national institute of statistical and economic information), there are more than 1000 logistics companies in the Pays de la Loire region employing about 18.000 employees (Source: “Les activités logistiques en Pays de la Loire” – The logistics activities in Pays de la Loire, data from 2006).

The logistics function and activities are thus present in the Pays de la Loire region, relying particularly on the diversity of the economic fabric, in a very dynamic employment area. Especially major roads and highways – A11, A85, A87, Angers-Segré-Rennes dual carriageway and Cholet-Nantes dual carriageway – serving Angers are an additional advantage, boosting the development of the whole sector and the rise of numerous platforms performing in the service of companies with a BtoB or BtoC activity.


logisseo plan

Logisseo, your logistics service provider, has been settled in Angers for 3 years: this ideal geographical location, at the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, constitutes a strategic place in Northwest France, as our warehouse is close to the major roads between Nantes, Le Mans and Rennes. From Angers where Logisseo is located, when taking the main highways nearby, we can easily distribute your goods in the Pays de la Loire region, in the whole country, as well as in Europe and worldwide. Our privileged geographical implantation, combined with our responsiveness and professionalism, is also an important asset for the optimised management of your stock! Don’t hesitate to consult our range of logistics services and call on us.