The e-commerce traders who trust us

Logisseo is a logistics company which intervenes mainly for e-commerce companies: whatever your e-shop, whether your customers are companies, professionals or private individuals, we are able to take over for you, on our logistic platform, the reception and storage of your goods, their packaging (suited to the type of product, and personalised if needed), as well as their shipping and delivery to the final customer.

We comply with your specification as well as your general terms and conditions of sale. We also ensure for you the management of customer returns which is very important for the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers. We use effective softwares and tools that allow us to manage your stocks efficiently and in real time. We provide access to the state of your stocks at any time, so that you have the greatest possible legibility of your activity.

The e-traders who trust us operate in a variety of business sectors, in B to B as well as in B to C:

  • knives and kitchen accessories,

We decided to outsource the management of our logistics in March 2012 and we placed our trust in Logisseo which, since then, has been managing the shipment of our packages. We are very satisfied with their work, especially with the availability of their employees and the flexibility they allow us to have for the management of our packages on a case-by-case basis. The packages are properly packed and delivered on time. They have managed to follow our business development since the beginning of our partnership and allow us to grasp the shipment of our packages in a relaxed manner. We are delighted to be able to count on Logisseo for our business development.
William et Florent

  • Accessories for wood stoves and chimneys
  • Creative leisures
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Paper decorations for special events and celebrations

Our partnership with Logisseo has been fundamental in the promising start of our e-commerce activity. Indeed, the team’s effectiveness, its clear and real-time communication, its effective management of the problems encountered, have played a major role in the fluidity of our shipments to customers. The latter have usually expressed their satisfaction with fast delivery and the care taken in every package.Alix

Working with Logisseo is very relaxing. Human contact is not lost to logistics and the service is personalised. The error rate is very low and the speed of service is guaranteed. In short, it is more than a mere service provider, it is a genuine partner!

Gabriella et Dorothée

  • Children’s games,

From the first contact with Logisseo, we felt comfortable to entrust them with our logistics. Our cooperation has immediately been effective and as soon as the logistics was set up, the shipments went extremely well. We appreciate the effectiveness, the speed, the responsiveness and the adaptability of Logisseo’s teams in our activity. Our customers are also delighted with the shipments’ quality of service.” Muriel

  • Child care
  • Cosmetics
  • Textile

We have trusted Logisseo right from the beginning and we are very happy about that. Logisseo was able to assist us and provide a quick response to our requests. We strongly recommend this logistics platform to any e-traders who are looking for quality service. It should be noted that in almost 12 months, no shipment errors have been made and we have, however, 5000 references!Julien

  • Leather goods
  • Jewels
  • Organic products
  • Furniture and decorative objects
  • Glasses
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Logisseo is an authorised customs agent allowed to manage your alcohols. …