Shipment and transport of packages/pallets

Once your orders are prepared and your products are placed into packages or pallets, Logisseo ensures the shipping to the final customer, whether it is a company or a private individual, all over France, in Europe and worldwide.

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To carry out the transport of your goods and your packages under the best possible conditions and to ensure fast delivery, Logisseo, as a freight forwarder, is committed to selecting the most appropriate carrier for you.

We thus implement for you the transport of packages meeting your needs via solutions compatible with both national and international shipments: our efficient network and our expertise allow you to benefit from negotiated rates.

We choose the shipping options meeting your requirements, the specificities of your products, your customers’ expectations, as well as your trade policy. We make sure that the transport costs of your products contribute to the competitiveness and attractiveness of your commercial offer. Via computer we follow up on all your shipments, for increased reliability.


To ship and transport your packages/pallets, regardless of their recipients’ geographical location, Logisseo offers you services with the best price/performance ratio.