Reception of goods

The reception of your goods is the first stage of the supply chain. Upon arrival of your goods on our site, and before integrating them into the stock, we have to perform a number of compliance checks. Our team of logisticians performs these quantity and quality checks within 24 hours following receipt of your goods. They thus make sure that the products delivered aren’t damaged, that nothing is missing, and that they are the same as the products specified in the delivery order.


Each product is thus identified and registered in our computer system in order to ensure traceability. This logistics traceability is crucial for the quantitative monitoring of products, and contributes to the effectiveness of the management of your goods flows.

If necessary a barcode label is placed on all unidentified products on entry into storage.


IMG_0160-2Once the checks have been completed, we put the merchandise received into storage, in our warehouse. We also follow up on expiry dates of products, lot numbers and serial numbers. To carry out all these operations, Logisseo is equipped with the necessary equipment to unload goods then put them into storage under the best possible conditions.

Moreover our teams are qualified to manage your products including alcohol subject to excise duties.