Customer returns

The management of customer returns is part of the major stages of the supply chain and goods flows. It is just as important as the previous stages – taking-over and storage of your products, preparation of orders, shipping and delivery of packages – and contributes as well to the final customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. This is crucial in the e-commerce sector and encourages the establishment of a relationship of trust between the commercial site and the internet user, whether it is a company or a private individual.


Logisseo makes sure this customer return takes place under the best possible conditions: we comply with your specifications and implement your return policy of products ordered – go to the store, deposit products in a Pick-up and go location or re-dispatch them to your shop or e-shop.

In managing your goods returns, Logisseo provides you with a full range of efficient services and logistics solutions. Logisseo deals with all the goods being returned by your customers: we receive the products, we sort them when appropriate, we carry out the necessary quantity and quality checks, we place the products back into stock in our warehouse and we repack them. Your goods returns are rapidly processed on our platform, and are an integral part of our logistics services: the logistics of your customer returns, which represents for you a real challenge of quality-of-service, has to be efficient and profitable, in order to ensure customer full satisfaction.