Our e-commerce logistics platform

You are an e-commerce company and you have decided to outsource your logistics? Logisseo offers you to take over all your logistics flows on its platform, and thus become your trusted partner in order to carry out all the operations related to the management of your stocks of goods as well as to their shipment to the final customer, whether it is a private individual or a company. We thus position ourselves as a reliable and expert partner, willing to assist you in all your national and international e-commerce development projects.

Our professionalism and responsiveness allow us to ensure standard or express supplies, in partnership with national and international goods carriers.


The reception of your goods, their storage, the preparation and shipping of orders, the replacement into stock in case of customer return, take place on our logistics platform. Our site includes a warehouse which is about 2,200 m2. It is entirely secured and supervised 24 hours a day by a security guard. Logisseo is part of these safe and efficient e-commerce logistics platforms, equipped with the latest information and communication technologies. By calling on our logistics solutions you have the opportunity to set up a gateway – via an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection between your e-commerce website, online shop or your logistics management software and our computer system: it enables you to avoid manual entry which is costly, time-consuming and entails a number of risks of errors or data loss, and it boosts the efficiency of operations. Finally Logisseo provides access to a secure web portal so that you can, at any time and in real time, verify and monitor:

  • Your receptions of goods
  • The evolution of outstanding orders
  • The state of your stocks