What cost for your logistics

Logisseo cultivates close with all customers: We are concerned about the quality of our services, which should meet your needs, your budget and your business policy.
We ensure that the logistics solutions that we implement for you, whether it is to optimize your logistics or outsource have a price perfect for your situation

Thus, the costs of your supply must take into account:

  • The type of products to be stored and shipped, whether the weight, volume, dimensions, of the alcohol content, the possible fragility, among others.
  • Procedures for receipt, storage, preparation and shipment of goods.



To develop pricing your logistics solutions, we collect your needs during an initial telephone interview, which provide the basis for our business proposal.
This personalized estimate includes all costs of your logistics performance: cost of receiving your goods and integration on a dedicated to your business area, cost of quality and quantity of products received control cost computer storage, processing cost and shipping orders. Are also provided IT and administrative costs, and the costs of packaging and miscellaneous supplies.

To outsource your logistics with confidence and benefit from a consistent pricing, tailored calculated as accurately and as close to your needs and your specific needs, do not hesitate to call our team is at your sole provision.