Outsource your logistics

The outsourcing of your logistics is part of the services and solutions that Logisseo can offer you. In practical terms, it means that you entrust us with all your products and goods, we store them in our warehouse and we take care of their delivery.


Based in Angers our logistics platform welcomes your products in our effective and secured warehouse. Logisseo takes part in the whole logistic supply chain from the entry of the product into storage to its final delivery to the customer, whether it is a private individual or a company, in France and all over the world:

  • Reception and labelling: we receive your goods, and we label them.
  • Storage and inventory: we conduct the storage and inventory of the goods in our secured warehouse.
  • Preparation and shipment: we package the goods and ship them whatever the recipient and its geographical location. We are in a position to offer our customers specific packaging such as gift wrapping, kits, etc. We can also attach personalised messages to the products. We support your advertising campaigns by adding flyers, advertising items and others.
  • Return management: we conduct the return management, check the condition of the product returned, and place it back into inventory.



One of the strengths of the logistics outsourced by Logisseo is the use of a 100% reliable and efficient state-of-the-art technological equipment:

  • We set up a gateway between our stock management software and your e-commerce website or your business management. The manual data entry is thus avoided for additional safety and responsiveness.

Automatic link to Prestashop, Rentashop, Magento, PowerBoutique and many others

  • We provide you with a real-time access to your stocks and orders in progress.



  • A single interlocutor for a personalised follow-up.
  • Packages at your colours.
  • An effective IT system.
  • An active watch over logistics innovations.