Optimise your logistics

If you want to manage your logistics flows yourself and keep the management of your stocks of goods, Logisseo provides you with logistics consulting services.

To optimise your logistics, Logisseo develops for you a personalised action plan, based on identifying your objectives and analysing your needs: this operational action plan is composed of strategic recommendations and advice, specifications regarding organization, and necessary IT solutions – softwares and material resources. The optimization of logistics flows involves each stage of the supply chain, from the reception of goods all the way to the shipping to the final customer, whether it is a private individual or a company:

  • Reception of goods
  • Identification of goods, through their labelling
  • Stock management
  • Inventory of goods
  • Preparation of customers’ orders
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Return management


  • A single interlocutor for a personalised follow-up.
  • Advice based on a solid experience in computer science and logistics.
  • Effective tools that have daily proven their worth on our logistics platform.
  • A responsive technical assistance.

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Our services:
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Logisseo assists you in the optimization of your logistics, by transmitting you its know-how and experience.

  • Full analysis of the current situation: study of the current logistics organization.
  • Identification of the strategical challenges and objectives: decrease in error rate, increased productivity, adaptation of workstations…
  • Development and implementation of an operational plan: definition and planning of actions and tools.

Logisseo assists you in the optimization of your logistics, by transmitting you its know-how and experience.

A technical support :If the preliminary study involves setting up logistics and hardware solutions, Logisseo offers you comprehensive support:

  • Provision of materials and softwares
  • Personalization of the softwares adapted to your company
  • Integration, installation and testing
  • Staff training, start-up support
  • Technical assistance
Our softwares
The combination of logistics and computer science allows us to optimise the stock management in your warehouse. You thus revitalise and increase the effectiveness of your business activity.

Personalised consulting:

  • Inventory management software (WMS) It is a complete solution automating all the processes: reception, storage, inventory, preparation of orders and shipment. Your operators manage stocks with portable devices linked to the database via Wifi. You can also access the software from your company’s computers via a module.
  • Bar code print software Logisseo provides you with barcode labels creation software that complies with all business sectors’ standards. Easy to use, it enables you to print in a few minutes barcode labels in order to identify: documents, products, cardboard boxes, pallets, storage locations…This software can complement your existing management softwares.
  • Interface module with your e-commerce website or your business management software We set up a gateway between the stock management software and your e-commerce or business management website. Manual entry is thus avoided for increased safety and responsiveness.

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Our equipment
 Logisseo provides you with equipment compatible with stock management:

  • Barcode printers Easy to use, these printers enable you to edit barcode labels in all formats. The labels are used to identify the products, the pallets, the packages…


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  • Portable devices The portable devices record stock movements in real time in the warehouse. Easy to use and efficient, they allow you to scan barcodes and transmit the information to the database via Wifi.

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  • Wifi antennas The Wifi antennas ensure communication between the portable devices, the printers and the databases.

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