Our e-commerce logistics solutions

You are an entrepreneur, an e-trader and you are looking for an available and efficient logistics service provider? You have decided to entirely outsource your logistics or you have chosen to keep internal logistics and you need some advice to optimise it?

Logisseo implements for you operational logistics services and solutions for e-commerce, meeting all your needs:

  • Outsourcing of logistics activities: you can entrust us with the management of your stocks, the preparation and shipment of your orders that we carry out through our logistics platform. Your logistics is in this case entirely carried out in our warehouse.
  • Optimization of logistics: you can benefit from our advice and all our expertise to optimise your logistics and keep its management. Your logistics is carried out at your place, by taking into account all your objectives, the analysis of your needs, and on the basis of a personalised action plan including operational recommendations.

Whether you choose one or the other logistics solution, you will benefit from our strong e-commerce expertise, and will thus be able to safely rely on our professionalism and our knowledge of logistics flows: in practical terms, you will be assisted on a daily basis and you will be offered 100% personalised services, whose pricing is always adapted to your needs, your types and volumes of goods processed, as well as the reality of your business.

For its customers, Logisseo implements logistics services in order to outsource or optimise it, which enable them to fully focus on their core business. Logisseo, a company structured around evolutionary, flexible and efficient information systems, is concerned with the quality of services provided which is regarded as crucial to contribute to the growth and diversification of its customers.